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We’d like to thank this amazing, generous community for your support! We’ve made a huge impact already and couldn’t have done it without you. Please continue to pledge to take out, we’ve extended our deadline to April 1, 2021!

The Beginning >

The Steamboat Local Love Challenge is an exciting new program that came from discussions by locals Jon Schafer and Bart Kounovsky on how to help our restaurants AND our local families in need during these trying times. Said program co-founder, Jon Schafer, “Our restaurants are struggling. So are many families. We wanted to develop a program that helped out both groups at the same time, and we believe this initiative will do that.” He continued, “We have partnered with LiftUp of Routt County in a way that will both support our local restaurants and provide meals to numerous deserving families throughout our town in one of the most difficult times that we have ever faced as a community. In order for this to work, though, we need everyone’s help.”

Partnering with LiftUp of Routt County was a natural fit for the Steamboat Local Love Challenge, as one of LiftUp’s missions is to provide charitable assistance to those in need. LiftUp Executive Director Sue Fegelein explained, “We are very excited for our clients to be the beneficiaries of the Steamboat Local Love Challenge. This effort represents what we have all learned: it truly does take a valley to get each other through this pandemic. We are grateful that this community is once again stepping up to serve our most vulnerable, while also helping struggling local restaurants. It’s a win-win.”

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The Numbers So Far >

Meals Pledged
Citizen Donations

The Restaurant Challenge

• The goal of this part of the program is to increase the patronage of local restaurants. Some people may be able to do a little, some may be able to do a lot, but we’re hoping that everyone will be able to do something.

• The way it works is we’re asking everyone in Steamboat to pledge to order takeout from local restaurants more often than they would in a normal year. The goal is to get our community to pull together and order an additional 1,000 takeout meals in December, which would result in over $50,000 of additional revenue going directly to our local restaurants.

• In order to track our progress together, we are asking everyone in town to send an email to with their pledge as to how many extra times will order takeout food in the month of December, i.e., if you normally order takeout once per week, your household would pledge to order two more times per week for four weeks, so your pledge would be eight.

• This email doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be as simple as, “My family pledges to order takeout 10 more times this December than we have done past years.”

• Pledges of all levels are welcome (1 – 31 additional takeout orders), and it is our hope that everyone in the community will be able to make a pledge.

• Everyone who makes a pledge will receive an awesome “Steamboat Local Love” sticker, designed by Kaitlin Hollister, founder and creative director of Stand Creative Studio, here in Steamboat.

The Corporate Donation Challenge

• The Steamboat Local Love team is also soliciting cash donations from local companies.

• One hundred percent of these donations will be used to purchase gift cards from local restaurants. These gift cards will then be donated to LiftUp, which will then in turn distribute them to their list of individuals in need in Routt County.

• LiftUp currently has a list of approximately 300 clients. The Steamboat Sotheby’s International Realty office has already very generously agreed to donate $15,000 in order to provide a $50 restaurant gift card to everyone on this list.

• Thanks to Sotheby’s, every single food-insecure individual in Routt County will be provided a warm meal this winter AND $15,000 will infused into our local restaurants.

• The Steamboat Local Love team is looking for additional companies to match Sotheby’s very generous donation, either in full or in part, in order to further expand this program.

• Every donation feeds a hungry family AND supports a local restaurant, so we are hopeful that more companies will be able to match the generosity of Sotheby’s either in full or in part. Our town needs you now more than ever.

The Citizen Donation Challenge

• This is the opportunity for individual citizens to donate money for the purchase of additional $50 restaurant gift cards for LiftUp to distribute to those in need in Steamboat.

• To donate, visit, go directly to our page at, or in person at Yampa Valley Bank.

• We are hoping that everyone in town with the means can donate a minimum of $50, with the goal of receiving $15,000 from citizens so that we can collectively provide an additional meal for every individual on the LiftUp client list and $15,000 more support to our restaurants.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to participate in both the Restaurant Challenge and their respective Donation Challenge. If we do not all step up to support our restaurants, many of these establishments will soon be gone, so it is our fervent hope that every company and every resident will be able to contribute in at least one, if not all three, of these challenges.

Donations will be accepted through April 1, 2021. All financial transactions are being administered and audited by the law firm of Paul Sachs, PC, which has generously donated their time to serve as an escrow agent for all funds. This firm will also oversee the purchase and distribution of all restaurant gift cards to LiftUp to provide 100% transparency and accountability.

LiftUp has also generously agreed to donate their time for distribution of the cards to those in need. Any food-insecure individuals in Routt County who feel they may be eligible for a restaurant gift card should apply directly to LiftUp via their website at

Restaurants interested in participating in the Challenge should send an email to by December 10th to opt-in. Only restaurants that opt-in will be selected for the purchase gift cards, but individuals can fulfill their pledges of ordering additional takeout by purchasing food from any locally-owned restaurant.

Updates on the Restaurant Challenge, the Corporate Donation Challenge, and the Citizen Donation Challenge, along with the ability to donate directly online, can be found on our website, The website will also offer updates on how many food-insecure families have been helped with the program.

No expenses, fees or overhead of any sort will be billed to the Challenge. Co-founder Bart Kounovsky said, “We realize the needs right now in our community are great. This is a tangible way in which we can all come together and help deal with some of these significant challenges. We hope that the Steamboat Local Love Challenge will encourage other members of our community to step up and fill additional needs that are present in Steamboat Springs.”

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